Wednesday, October 12


In the early hours of Saturday morning, 8th Oct 05, Pakistan's northern areas were hit by the worst disaster of it's kind, a gaint earthquake measured 7.6 on richter scale. More than 50 villages in Pakistan are badly effected. The death toll has risen to more than 30,000 where a large percentage is that of children. There are reports of children still trapped in the rubble. The images, pictures and news footage show the horrendous reality and the vulnerability of the human race in the hands of Nature. It's simply heartbreaking!
All sort of relief efforts and aid are in the process of reaching the effected areas. However, bad weather, heavy rain and landslides have hampered the relief efforts to get to the victims on time. Desperation is evident in such scenarios.
People all over, are donating generously and many nations have come forward to help provide a much needed funding. Rescue operations are in place, however a lot more yet needed to be done.
These are the testing times. May Allah bestow His mercy upon our nation and on every one of us. Ameen.