Friday, July 15

LONDON stands united after 7/7 bombings!

At a recent rally in London, their slogans said it all!
"Stop the War, Stop Terrorism, Stop Racism"

Just like many, I'm deeply troubled by the loss of so many innocent lives, over and over again, be it in london or any where else in the world.

'May Allah give all of us strength to root out injustices and restore peace. Ameen.'


Blogger Asma said...

I second you in these prayers ... That london tragedy and then this tragedy in Pakistan is an unbearavle loss for the families and acquaintaces!!!

May this terrorism on the whole and in the name of islam [wrongly in the name of islam] ends soon!!!


6:10 pm  
Blogger La Bona said...

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La Bona

1:37 am  

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