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Sehri in Ramadhan

" A 'WAKE-ME-UP CALL'...esp 4 SEHRI!!! "

It only dawned to me the other day, at an iftaar party that how many a people were totally unaware of the importance/benefits of Sehri ..however, much emphasis, as always, was made on preparing a grand Iftaari!
IFTAARI, with its 'spoiled 4 choice' starters, ranging from chunky dates, along with pakora, samosas,pasties, channa (chick peas), dahi barra to a variety of chutnees and a huge bowl of Fruit Chaat..was to be followed by a full fledged Meal platter of Chicken Korma served with naans & fried rice. Yum yumm..i must say, everything, besides being home-cooked, was done to a good taste and was simply delicious. May Allah Reward the family for their generous efforts. Amen.
Well, one can't help but imagine the lady of the house who'd done all this preparation while fasting, not to mention looking after her young kids..had to lose sleep/rest as well as her Fard/farz Prayers! Ofcourse, managing such a lavish meal for 25+ people while keepin fast has it's own rewards, however, skippin ones Fard/farz Namaaz in doin so..is quite an unwanted characteristic. Inshallah, much importance would be made on keepin one's prayers regular, even if it means cuttin down on a few dishes from the iftaar menu, may be to level out the stress etc, that might come with it!
Here, let us bear in mind that 'Iftaari' or 'Sehri', should not be carried to such extremes that the'religious' activities and responsibilities are neglected, as a result of weakness of the body.

Yet, the dawning qs remains...
Isn't it true that after feasting ones stomach up with such a grand Iftaar - 'enough to last till the next day' granD, one wouldn't feel the need to get up for Sehri???
(ppl possessin a Giant's stomach who consume as much..durin iftaar, and yet have enough room to eat Sehri..are clear exceptions :| )

'Lets eat enough durin the nite time so we won't have to get up for sehri' is quite a common phrase that one may find existing among a certain class of people, in our community.

THis post is addressed esp for such a type who becoz of their ignorance..or laziness are losing on a much desired 'assal -e- thawaab', during this blessed month of Ramadhan.
There are many (mustahab) Ahaadith in which the virtues of "Sehri" are expounded and the rewards mentioned. Inshallah, after readin these, the understanding of the clear benefits of sehri will be more than enough for people, not to deprieve themselves of such great thawaab/rewards, from Allah.

Ibn Umar (Radhi Allaho anho) relates: Rasulullah (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam) said:
'Verily Allah and His Malaa'ikah send Mercy upon those who eat 'Sehri' (sower-Suhoor)."

In another Ahadith, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihe wasallam) said:
'The difference between our fasting and that of the Ahlul-Kitaab (Jews and Christians) lies in our partaking of food at "Sehri" which they do not."

One Hadith says, in Sahih Bukhari:
"Eat 'Sehri' and strengthen yourself for the fast. And sleep in the afternoon (Siesta), so as to gain assistance in waking up in the latter portion of the night (for "Ibaadah")."

"This is a thing full of blessings, which Allah has granted you. Do not give it up."

In his commentary on "Sahih Bukhari", Ibne Hajar has mentioned various reasons for the blessedness of "Sehri":
• Because in it, the 'Sunnah' is followed.
• Through "Sehri", we differentiate ourselves from the ways of Ahlul-Kitaab, which we are at all times called upon to do.
• It provides strength for "Ibaadah".
• It promotes greater sincerity in "Ibaadah".
• It aids in elimination of bad temper, which normally comes about as result of hunger.
• 'Sehri' is the time when prayers are accepted.
• At the time of 'Sehri', one gets the opportunity to remember Allah, makes Dhikr and lifts up the hand to Him in prayer.

These are a few of the major reasons; there are many others as well.

How great is Allah's favour upon us that even the partaking of food before dawn for fasting is so greatly rewarded.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

asalamu-alaykum, i find it hard to sleep and therefore hard to wake up for sehri. So if i make the niyah for sehri before i go to sleep and don't wake up for sehri, is it allowed or do i have to wake up for sehri.

would be greatful for your help

9:40 am  

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