Thursday, October 23

" Yeah, I'm a belieVer.......dream On!"

Here, i'd be sharin with u, a dream i had.. a while ago.
what can i say, best things happen to me when i'm feelin displeasure, the most. ;)
I had gone thru a phase where i'd be question, why am I here?Why am I soo far away from my loved ones? (yeah, u guys might be she in guatanomobaY?) Why do i find myself among ppl who'd, hurriedly, jump to conclusions about me, who'd misunderstand me, time n time again etc.
As one can tell (yeah, verry spoilt..hmm) moanin n groanin about ppl, each time things weren't to my likings...was my, not so favorite- neverthless still, a pastime! I jus didn't think i deserve to be around such ppl..and the worst part was that I was, ultimately, blaming Our Supreme Being, The Most Benevolent Allah, without whose Will nothing can really happen for all my happenings.
Obviously, totally oblivious of the mysterious ways of how Allah's Will works, which is always in our favor, whether we realise it or not.
'As he Loves us,70 times more than our real/biological parents.'(sahih hadith)

That night, i slept with a heavy heart & an equally miserable soul, fightin to see the light of Allah's justice...and this is what i see:

I find myself on a path leadin to light of pure clarity, as if on a journey to a no man's land. Yes, i'd be feelin excited instead my 'moanin mode' is still switched on. it doesn't take me long to realise that i'm not alone. I'm accomapanied by two special beings. All along the way, they are favorin me with their sweet words, whisperin encouragement to proceed.. and i can't help but act spoilt!
For instance, on our way they showed me some sort of clips of eternal bliss which appeared b4 me as flashes/animations of huge priceless paintings, of beautiful gardens. To which i'd comment: 'they are only paintings'...and we carried on. Then, suddenly, i froze to a halt on the sight of some ppl (whom i know in reality..n i'm not too fond of) who were enjoyin, gigglin away, stanced on some fence. I had to be dragged away.. by my whisperers as if i wasn't a real person n jus another 'madaam tuassad's creation..or somethin. Seeing my blank expression they said: 'keep moving (this is not ur stop)..(fret not) they are not nice..'

I was informed about the reason behind this seemingly endless journey. They were actually my directors to my true destination. After, taggin along many more dream miles, we finally reach a place, which i'd describe as a some sort of Hall of fame. There was some serious 'mission impossible' goin on & my Oh my..there were like some Charlie's angels surely at work!!!
I was a constant pain...askin them, 'which one am I?' (go On..have a laugh, u'r allowed..)
Suddenly, i was whisked away to a much secluded chamber and there flung open before me a huge Book of 'ultimate purpose of lifeforms destinies' and i was pointed at to a figure and were told that it's me. It took me some time to figure out what it was, and when i did, i was all smilin :) as it was the picture of a 'full moon'.
Though, not fully understanding the real significance of the dream nor the purpose behind my association with the 'full moon', i still woke up with happy thoughts, & with a feeling of serenity. I hurried to share it with my loved ones who were much taken by the dream, and felt happy for me.

The right intrepretation of the dream awaits you in my next reply. Inshallah, we all will have somethin to take n learn from it, for sure.
to be cont...



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