Tuesday, October 21

"what've we made of this world?"

Wherever l go, I find
People in a confused state of mind.

Something is missing that should be there;
I think it’s love which seems quite rare.

There does exist love but not in it’s true sense.
That unceasing love for money making and for pence.

For money they live, for money they die.
For money they cheat, for money they lie.

Alas! where the love for humanity’s gone?
Without it we really cannot go on.

So let’s think over and find a way,
To pour in love and make world happy.

Let’s follow the principle of take and give
And make this world a place to live.

This was written by me in my late teens. I dug it out from a pile of 'lost wisdom found' pack ;)
nowadays, when there's heavy cr8p availablity for listening, someone like me would rather turn a deaf ear...even still, i was all ears to 'black eyed peas' where is the love? my, my..thats some tune!!
actually, it reminded me somewhat, vaguely, of my above accomplishment...
Do check it out..and post it's lyrics here.
It's gonna do wonderssss!


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