Sunday, October 26

"Let's get the interpretation of the dream, rigHt..and, let's praise Allah!"

To get to the true meaning of the whole dream i'd, first, like to explain the following:

a-The Significance of the Moon, as a favor from Allah (for the understanding of a believer), in the light of Quran & Sunnah.

b- The 2 special Directors/ the believer's rightful source to reach her true destiny.

c- Those 'super-STAR' like creatures who are devoted to carrying out (seemingly) good missions on Earth.

d- Those 'stanced on a fence' people who the believer witnessed while treading the path assigned for her.

note: anything else in the dream, i think, is quite self-explainatory. Neverthless, feel free to 'shout out' 4 any comments.

and...happY Ramadhan!

Today i will try to explain the first of the 4 and the rest will follow in my next post, inshallah.

Here is THE Significance of the the light of Quran & Sunnah:

It was believed by earlier civilizations that the moon emanates it's own light. Science now tells us that the light of the moon is reflected light. However, this fact that 'the light of the moon is reflected light' was mentioned in the Quran 1400 years ago, in the following verse:

"Blessed is HE WHO made the constellations in the skies, and placed therein a Lamp and a Moon giving light." [Al-Quran 25:61]

The Arabic word for the sun in the Quran is shams. It is reffered to as siraaj, which means a 'torch' or as wahhaaj which means a 'blazing lamp' or as diya which means a 'shining glory'. All three descriptions are appropriate to the sun, since it generates intense heat & light by its internal combustion. The Arabic word for the moon is qamar and it is described in the Quran as muneer which is a body that gives 'nur' i.e. light. Again, the Qur'anic description matches perfectly with the true nature of the moon which does not give off light itself and is an inert body that reflects the light of the sun. Not once in the QUR'AN, is the moon mentioned as 'siraaj', wahhaaj' or 'diya' or the sun as 'nur' or 'muneer'.This implies that the QUR'AN recognizes the difference between the nature of sunlight and moonlight. Consider the following verses related to the nature of light from the sun and the moon:

"It is HE who made the sun To be a shining glory And the moon to be a light (Of beauty)." [AL-QUR'AN 10:5]

"See ye not How ALLAH has created The seven heavens One above another, And made the moon A light in their midst, and made the sun As a (Glorious) Lamp?" [AL-QUR'AN 71:15-16]

Look up again. Behold the Moon - the Beacon of the Night sky.
Much much smaller than the Sun. Much much nearer to us than the Sun. Yet placed in the sky so magically, that it appears to the eye, almost the equal size of the Sun.

Have you ever wondered whose Hands had placed the Moon there, perfectly positioned, neither suspended nor supported.

Subhanallah (Glory be to Allah!), the Master creator and the perfect in

The moon itself, is a dark desolate place, giving out no light of its own. It merely reflects the light of the Glorious resplendent Sun. Facts that all of us surely know. Another fact remains ; Man is Allah's creation, created in His own image. From man emerges intelligence, beauty, strength and understanding, and other Glorious Resplendent Sifat of Allah.
Like the moon that merely reflects the Sun's glory, Man simply reflects Allah's greatness and Oneness. Not man's own abilities!
But Man then forgets!
Man believes that it is he who is intelligent, it is he who is rich..and beautiful. He forgets that the knowledge, the beauty and the wealth he's so proud of, actually belongs to The Al-Mighty Allah, only. Allah is to be praised, not Man himself! Man seeks praise & like Iblis, becomes arrogant and is cursed by Allah!

"Oh Man! Oh insan ( which means the forgetful one)!

Have you forgotten that without the Sun, there is no Moon to be seen in
the night sky? Have you forgotten that the Moon itself has no light?

It is the light of the Sun! Have you forgotten?

Without the gifts from Allah, nothing shines from you! There is no
goodness in you, only that given by Allah! Without the mercy of Allah,
you would be no better than an animal!

Can we not see that the Moon shows the existence of the Sun, although we cannot see the Sun at night? Similarly, it is through Man that Allah shows us His greatness, although we cannot see Him in dunia.

Have you forgotten that the Moon itself has a dark side, that always faces away from earth? Have you been lost in pride and arrogance as you see the radiant light coming forth from your face that you fail to see your dark side and repent? Oh insan..

You, Oh Man, own nothing! You are but a proud, ungrateful beggar!! For all the greatness, power, wealth, glory, and knowledge belongs to Allah, and he has

placed a small portion in you to TEST YOU! Will you claim that the Light is yours?

Or will you say - "no, this light is from He who has showered me in His blessings, truly I am helpless, and it is Allah who is Truly Good and Great."

We should not walk on this earth with pride. For we are but a borrower of Allah's gifts. As surely as the night ends, this worldly life will also end. And as the Moon sets, surely too Man will die.
And as surely as the sun will rise, judgement by Allah will come.

Shall we not then take heed?

Say "La ila ha illallah" with real understanding!

La (none) Ilaha (of the greatness and goodness and Godly gifts in me, belong to me) Illallah (except that they ALL belong to ALLAH and He alone).

And only then, we can become true believers.

Hence, in the light of Quran, we can say that the Full Moon with all it's light and glory which disperse the darkness away from the night Sky, can be used as an example of a true believer who with his/her blessed knowledge, beauty, riches etc, only from Allah, is a source of enlightment and truth for the dark, desolate & somewhat, lost world.

Glory be to Allah! This light is from He who has showered me in His Blessings, truly I am helpless, and it is Allah who is Truly Good and Great.


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