Wednesday, October 22

"How much forgiving are we....huh?"

I have been upto my neck with all sort of tit bits.. and whenever i'm tryin to concentrate to write down, esp about..when ramdhan is near..we got soo much to share, my thoughts keep swirling me away to a newly found fact that I AM NOT AS FORGIVING AS I THOUGHT I WAS!!
I live far away from my family & friends. Almost half of my living years have been spent in getting to know total strangers & making/meeting new friends..and families. They are all scattered around on this same big island...but we take time out of our busy schedule and try to be there for eachother..every once a while. I do miss my family a lot, and soon, inshallah, i'll be leaving for my nativeland, just for a long break...and goD, i'm lookin forward to that!

Sometimes, we find ourselves between such situations where one party is more on a receiving term of getting hurt, then the other. It happens to all of us. It has happened to me...however, how do u deal with such stuff it keeps happening to you, from one particular person/party?? Once you might overlook their certain attitudes saying to yourself, well nobody's perfect, and feel there'll be one day when they realise how they have wronged you and learn to deal with things differently, esp if they know how much it can hurt others. But that day never comes. And, as one should never try to fall into the category of:

And whoever does not want Allah to forgive him and show mercy to him and to conceal his fault on the Day of Judgement (that Allaah should forgive him) then let him continue to be hard hearted and proud of himself, thinking he is better than others and let him always look at the faults of other people and not to accept advice from others. Allaah will soon punish him with what he deserves. should be aware not to cause anyone any distress. However, being patient will certainly win good rewards from Allah.

Whenever, i have shared such annoyance, about certain ppl, with my friends (btw these are real friends..and, ya..i'm lucky i've got some!) they always have got one to thing to say:
' Not everyone's as nice & generous as you are...however, to save yourself from such distress always distinguish real friends from mere acquaintances.'

This time around, I have taken up advice of real friends, and the so called loved ones whom i cared about so much so that i never forgot to wish best regards on every occassion possible etc & who, in turn, come to your town and spend a whole day n nite without making any physical effort to see you...are clearly being marked off as 'mere aquaintances', atleast i'm keeping up ties... and i think i have been forgiving enough!

Oh Allaah guide us the best of manners to which none can guide except you and turn away from us the evil characteristics. None can turn them away except you.


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