Friday, October 31

Autumn is Gold

Let's hear my new anthem:
"Summer is hot ; Winter is Cold
Spring is grEEn; Autumn is GOLD! "

Usually, most of my early spring noons are spent, glancing out of my kitchen window into the back garden, while enjoyin a good cup of tea & admiring the works of nature. The newly sprung lilac blossoms, red rose bushes & some green shrubs, therby, are surely eye pleasing, stemed in their own individual color & beauty, looking so fresh and full of life!
Indeed, a thing of beauty is a joy forever...aLas,that forever only last till autumn is here!
OR may be autumn does bring with itself it's own beauty and a season for celebration, may be not as joyous as Springs, neverthless, a celebration??

Autumn is here & i can clearly see those lilacs & roses which once bloomed so beautifully are, somewhat in a process of losing their colors/individuality/identity, as if taking a life of a new dimension, all coming together under the same shades of yellowish crimson hues! Now, one can see the veins of the leaves as they're no longer sprung open up in the air but as if bowed down to humility. They still look beautifully afirmed to the Oneness of Allah. Before the trees shed their leaves, they seem to be in a sort of a prayer mode, of thanking Allah who gave them life to cherish, and now when it's time to bid their farewells, they do it in a manner of such speakable unity - coming together as one; in the glorious shade of Autumn!

Though, Autumn may come to announce the coming of Winter, yet brings with itself such a warmth of feeling..which can even mellow the coldest of hearts:
If autumn doesn't come to pass, spring may never bring forth new liFe.
If autumn does not come to pass, there could not be much humility left..& one would never, fully & truley, be able to appreciate Our Creator, The One who is truley Great..Our Benevolent, Allah!

And, only AUTUMN can leave such treasureable thoughts in ones memory, which, to me, precious as GOLD.

Enjoy while it lasts...salaam.


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