Friday, October 31

Autumn is Gold

Let's hear my new anthem:
"Summer is hot ; Winter is Cold
Spring is grEEn; Autumn is GOLD! "

Usually, most of my early spring noons are spent, glancing out of my kitchen window into the back garden, while enjoyin a good cup of tea & admiring the works of nature. The newly sprung lilac blossoms, red rose bushes & some green shrubs, therby, are surely eye pleasing, stemed in their own individual color & beauty, looking so fresh and full of life!
Indeed, a thing of beauty is a joy forever...aLas,that forever only last till autumn is here!
OR may be autumn does bring with itself it's own beauty and a season for celebration, may be not as joyous as Springs, neverthless, a celebration??

Autumn is here & i can clearly see those lilacs & roses which once bloomed so beautifully are, somewhat in a process of losing their colors/individuality/identity, as if taking a life of a new dimension, all coming together under the same shades of yellowish crimson hues! Now, one can see the veins of the leaves as they're no longer sprung open up in the air but as if bowed down to humility. They still look beautifully afirmed to the Oneness of Allah. Before the trees shed their leaves, they seem to be in a sort of a prayer mode, of thanking Allah who gave them life to cherish, and now when it's time to bid their farewells, they do it in a manner of such speakable unity - coming together as one; in the glorious shade of Autumn!

Though, Autumn may come to announce the coming of Winter, yet brings with itself such a warmth of feeling..which can even mellow the coldest of hearts:
If autumn doesn't come to pass, spring may never bring forth new liFe.
If autumn does not come to pass, there could not be much humility left..& one would never, fully & truley, be able to appreciate Our Creator, The One who is truley Great..Our Benevolent, Allah!

And, only AUTUMN can leave such treasureable thoughts in ones memory, which, to me, precious as GOLD.

Enjoy while it lasts...salaam.

Wednesday, October 29

"Conclusion to the previous post >>"

After explainin much elaborated significance of the Moon the rest.. b, c & d are as follows:

b- The 2 special Directors/ the believer's rightful source to reach her true destiny.

The whisperers/directors which accompanied the believer through out her journey were actually 'AL' KAT'ABAH - the recording angels.
They record whatever a person does or utters. They are at all times with the person, except when he goes to answer the call of nature, takes a bath etc. Every Muslim who is Mukal'laf (who is sane and have reached the age of puberty) has two Angels with him, the one is called RAQEEB and he records the good deeds and utterance of the person, and the other is called ATEED and he records the evil deeds and utterance of the person. These two Angels remain with the person as long as he lives, and when he dies they stand at his grave till the day of QIYAAMAH (Day of resurrection) , if he died with Imaan (Faith) they pray for his forgiveness till the day of QIYAAMAH, and if he died without Imaan (Faith), they curse him till the day of resurrection.

With reference to these two Angels Allah says in the Quran:


We, all very well know that our good and bad deeds are, mainly, goin to be the judge of where we will end up, in Hereafter. Whether our abode be much sought after paradise or much frowned upon hell...ya, baby, simply that's the deciding factor!! Now when we know, it shouldn't be so difficult, rite? Yet, still we can't care less! We have no understanding of who we really are..and Why we're here.. whichever path we are treadin, do we know where it's takin us? Is there a place destined for us or our deeds (becoz of our freewill usage option) shall ultimately lead us to either a blissful paradise or a much deserving hELL!!!
Things have always been's jus that we wanna look the otherside of the obvious..coz we're really mess'd up!!!
Though, for believers it's all good news..that even though they might do bad stuff sometimes yet their good deeds, if done in abundance, eradicate and rule over their bad ones..hence leadin them to a much deservin destiny...which promises Allah's blessings. Indeed, Allah is the MOST FORGIVING.

c- Those 'super-STAR' like creatures who are devoted to carrying out (seemingly) good missions on Earth.

These 'superstar' like ppl who were busy in some good mission ( hard kickin evil's plans or somethin..) might be those environmently friendly guys, or ppl who go on strike campaign craving for justice etc etc, are sure doing a grand job. However, their place in this world compare to a believer's is like many stars twinklin around one moon. Just like the Moonlight that out-shines all the Stars, similarly a believer's place in Allah's Eyes out-shines all of those seemingly good workers, who are good human beings but fail to come into the category of true believers.

d- Those 'stanced on a fence' people who the believer witnessed while treading the path assigned for her.

Finally, we come to explainin a lil bit about 'stanced on fence' ppl, who are the examples of those ppl who in this life, find a cosy spot, feelin happy n all, forgeting that life's a journey..and not a resting place, become lost and fail to realise.. till it's too late.
May be believers come across such ppl, many times..but whatever the believers tell them they fail to comprehand, always engrossed in their own lil world..and never pay any attention.

May Allah give us strength, and guide us to become those who He Loves the Most. amen.

Sunday, October 26

"Let's get the interpretation of the dream, rigHt..and, let's praise Allah!"

To get to the true meaning of the whole dream i'd, first, like to explain the following:

a-The Significance of the Moon, as a favor from Allah (for the understanding of a believer), in the light of Quran & Sunnah.

b- The 2 special Directors/ the believer's rightful source to reach her true destiny.

c- Those 'super-STAR' like creatures who are devoted to carrying out (seemingly) good missions on Earth.

d- Those 'stanced on a fence' people who the believer witnessed while treading the path assigned for her.

note: anything else in the dream, i think, is quite self-explainatory. Neverthless, feel free to 'shout out' 4 any comments.

and...happY Ramadhan!

Today i will try to explain the first of the 4 and the rest will follow in my next post, inshallah.

Here is THE Significance of the the light of Quran & Sunnah:

It was believed by earlier civilizations that the moon emanates it's own light. Science now tells us that the light of the moon is reflected light. However, this fact that 'the light of the moon is reflected light' was mentioned in the Quran 1400 years ago, in the following verse:

"Blessed is HE WHO made the constellations in the skies, and placed therein a Lamp and a Moon giving light." [Al-Quran 25:61]

The Arabic word for the sun in the Quran is shams. It is reffered to as siraaj, which means a 'torch' or as wahhaaj which means a 'blazing lamp' or as diya which means a 'shining glory'. All three descriptions are appropriate to the sun, since it generates intense heat & light by its internal combustion. The Arabic word for the moon is qamar and it is described in the Quran as muneer which is a body that gives 'nur' i.e. light. Again, the Qur'anic description matches perfectly with the true nature of the moon which does not give off light itself and is an inert body that reflects the light of the sun. Not once in the QUR'AN, is the moon mentioned as 'siraaj', wahhaaj' or 'diya' or the sun as 'nur' or 'muneer'.This implies that the QUR'AN recognizes the difference between the nature of sunlight and moonlight. Consider the following verses related to the nature of light from the sun and the moon:

"It is HE who made the sun To be a shining glory And the moon to be a light (Of beauty)." [AL-QUR'AN 10:5]

"See ye not How ALLAH has created The seven heavens One above another, And made the moon A light in their midst, and made the sun As a (Glorious) Lamp?" [AL-QUR'AN 71:15-16]

Look up again. Behold the Moon - the Beacon of the Night sky.
Much much smaller than the Sun. Much much nearer to us than the Sun. Yet placed in the sky so magically, that it appears to the eye, almost the equal size of the Sun.

Have you ever wondered whose Hands had placed the Moon there, perfectly positioned, neither suspended nor supported.

Subhanallah (Glory be to Allah!), the Master creator and the perfect in

The moon itself, is a dark desolate place, giving out no light of its own. It merely reflects the light of the Glorious resplendent Sun. Facts that all of us surely know. Another fact remains ; Man is Allah's creation, created in His own image. From man emerges intelligence, beauty, strength and understanding, and other Glorious Resplendent Sifat of Allah.
Like the moon that merely reflects the Sun's glory, Man simply reflects Allah's greatness and Oneness. Not man's own abilities!
But Man then forgets!
Man believes that it is he who is intelligent, it is he who is rich..and beautiful. He forgets that the knowledge, the beauty and the wealth he's so proud of, actually belongs to The Al-Mighty Allah, only. Allah is to be praised, not Man himself! Man seeks praise & like Iblis, becomes arrogant and is cursed by Allah!

"Oh Man! Oh insan ( which means the forgetful one)!

Have you forgotten that without the Sun, there is no Moon to be seen in
the night sky? Have you forgotten that the Moon itself has no light?

It is the light of the Sun! Have you forgotten?

Without the gifts from Allah, nothing shines from you! There is no
goodness in you, only that given by Allah! Without the mercy of Allah,
you would be no better than an animal!

Can we not see that the Moon shows the existence of the Sun, although we cannot see the Sun at night? Similarly, it is through Man that Allah shows us His greatness, although we cannot see Him in dunia.

Have you forgotten that the Moon itself has a dark side, that always faces away from earth? Have you been lost in pride and arrogance as you see the radiant light coming forth from your face that you fail to see your dark side and repent? Oh insan..

You, Oh Man, own nothing! You are but a proud, ungrateful beggar!! For all the greatness, power, wealth, glory, and knowledge belongs to Allah, and he has

placed a small portion in you to TEST YOU! Will you claim that the Light is yours?

Or will you say - "no, this light is from He who has showered me in His blessings, truly I am helpless, and it is Allah who is Truly Good and Great."

We should not walk on this earth with pride. For we are but a borrower of Allah's gifts. As surely as the night ends, this worldly life will also end. And as the Moon sets, surely too Man will die.
And as surely as the sun will rise, judgement by Allah will come.

Shall we not then take heed?

Say "La ila ha illallah" with real understanding!

La (none) Ilaha (of the greatness and goodness and Godly gifts in me, belong to me) Illallah (except that they ALL belong to ALLAH and He alone).

And only then, we can become true believers.

Hence, in the light of Quran, we can say that the Full Moon with all it's light and glory which disperse the darkness away from the night Sky, can be used as an example of a true believer who with his/her blessed knowledge, beauty, riches etc, only from Allah, is a source of enlightment and truth for the dark, desolate & somewhat, lost world.

Glory be to Allah! This light is from He who has showered me in His Blessings, truly I am helpless, and it is Allah who is Truly Good and Great.

Thursday, October 23

" Yeah, I'm a belieVer.......dream On!"

Here, i'd be sharin with u, a dream i had.. a while ago.
what can i say, best things happen to me when i'm feelin displeasure, the most. ;)
I had gone thru a phase where i'd be question, why am I here?Why am I soo far away from my loved ones? (yeah, u guys might be she in guatanomobaY?) Why do i find myself among ppl who'd, hurriedly, jump to conclusions about me, who'd misunderstand me, time n time again etc.
As one can tell (yeah, verry spoilt..hmm) moanin n groanin about ppl, each time things weren't to my likings...was my, not so favorite- neverthless still, a pastime! I jus didn't think i deserve to be around such ppl..and the worst part was that I was, ultimately, blaming Our Supreme Being, The Most Benevolent Allah, without whose Will nothing can really happen for all my happenings.
Obviously, totally oblivious of the mysterious ways of how Allah's Will works, which is always in our favor, whether we realise it or not.
'As he Loves us,70 times more than our real/biological parents.'(sahih hadith)

That night, i slept with a heavy heart & an equally miserable soul, fightin to see the light of Allah's justice...and this is what i see:

I find myself on a path leadin to light of pure clarity, as if on a journey to a no man's land. Yes, i'd be feelin excited instead my 'moanin mode' is still switched on. it doesn't take me long to realise that i'm not alone. I'm accomapanied by two special beings. All along the way, they are favorin me with their sweet words, whisperin encouragement to proceed.. and i can't help but act spoilt!
For instance, on our way they showed me some sort of clips of eternal bliss which appeared b4 me as flashes/animations of huge priceless paintings, of beautiful gardens. To which i'd comment: 'they are only paintings'...and we carried on. Then, suddenly, i froze to a halt on the sight of some ppl (whom i know in reality..n i'm not too fond of) who were enjoyin, gigglin away, stanced on some fence. I had to be dragged away.. by my whisperers as if i wasn't a real person n jus another 'madaam tuassad's creation..or somethin. Seeing my blank expression they said: 'keep moving (this is not ur stop)..(fret not) they are not nice..'

I was informed about the reason behind this seemingly endless journey. They were actually my directors to my true destination. After, taggin along many more dream miles, we finally reach a place, which i'd describe as a some sort of Hall of fame. There was some serious 'mission impossible' goin on & my Oh my..there were like some Charlie's angels surely at work!!!
I was a constant pain...askin them, 'which one am I?' (go On..have a laugh, u'r allowed..)
Suddenly, i was whisked away to a much secluded chamber and there flung open before me a huge Book of 'ultimate purpose of lifeforms destinies' and i was pointed at to a figure and were told that it's me. It took me some time to figure out what it was, and when i did, i was all smilin :) as it was the picture of a 'full moon'.
Though, not fully understanding the real significance of the dream nor the purpose behind my association with the 'full moon', i still woke up with happy thoughts, & with a feeling of serenity. I hurried to share it with my loved ones who were much taken by the dream, and felt happy for me.

The right intrepretation of the dream awaits you in my next reply. Inshallah, we all will have somethin to take n learn from it, for sure.
to be cont...


Wednesday, October 22

"How much forgiving are we....huh?"

I have been upto my neck with all sort of tit bits.. and whenever i'm tryin to concentrate to write down, esp about..when ramdhan is near..we got soo much to share, my thoughts keep swirling me away to a newly found fact that I AM NOT AS FORGIVING AS I THOUGHT I WAS!!
I live far away from my family & friends. Almost half of my living years have been spent in getting to know total strangers & making/meeting new friends..and families. They are all scattered around on this same big island...but we take time out of our busy schedule and try to be there for eachother..every once a while. I do miss my family a lot, and soon, inshallah, i'll be leaving for my nativeland, just for a long break...and goD, i'm lookin forward to that!

Sometimes, we find ourselves between such situations where one party is more on a receiving term of getting hurt, then the other. It happens to all of us. It has happened to me...however, how do u deal with such stuff it keeps happening to you, from one particular person/party?? Once you might overlook their certain attitudes saying to yourself, well nobody's perfect, and feel there'll be one day when they realise how they have wronged you and learn to deal with things differently, esp if they know how much it can hurt others. But that day never comes. And, as one should never try to fall into the category of:

And whoever does not want Allah to forgive him and show mercy to him and to conceal his fault on the Day of Judgement (that Allaah should forgive him) then let him continue to be hard hearted and proud of himself, thinking he is better than others and let him always look at the faults of other people and not to accept advice from others. Allaah will soon punish him with what he deserves. should be aware not to cause anyone any distress. However, being patient will certainly win good rewards from Allah.

Whenever, i have shared such annoyance, about certain ppl, with my friends (btw these are real friends..and, ya..i'm lucky i've got some!) they always have got one to thing to say:
' Not everyone's as nice & generous as you are...however, to save yourself from such distress always distinguish real friends from mere acquaintances.'

This time around, I have taken up advice of real friends, and the so called loved ones whom i cared about so much so that i never forgot to wish best regards on every occassion possible etc & who, in turn, come to your town and spend a whole day n nite without making any physical effort to see you...are clearly being marked off as 'mere aquaintances', atleast i'm keeping up ties... and i think i have been forgiving enough!

Oh Allaah guide us the best of manners to which none can guide except you and turn away from us the evil characteristics. None can turn them away except you.

Tuesday, October 21

"what've we made of this world?"

Wherever l go, I find
People in a confused state of mind.

Something is missing that should be there;
I think it’s love which seems quite rare.

There does exist love but not in it’s true sense.
That unceasing love for money making and for pence.

For money they live, for money they die.
For money they cheat, for money they lie.

Alas! where the love for humanity’s gone?
Without it we really cannot go on.

So let’s think over and find a way,
To pour in love and make world happy.

Let’s follow the principle of take and give
And make this world a place to live.

This was written by me in my late teens. I dug it out from a pile of 'lost wisdom found' pack ;)
nowadays, when there's heavy cr8p availablity for listening, someone like me would rather turn a deaf ear...even still, i was all ears to 'black eyed peas' where is the love? my, my..thats some tune!!
actually, it reminded me somewhat, vaguely, of my above accomplishment...
Do check it out..and post it's lyrics here.
It's gonna do wonderssss!

i don't know how to add new stuff to it..? oops.

We, the human beings occupy a unique place in the universe. By virtue of possessing a human body, man is part of the material world. Thus, he is as much subject to natural laws as is any other object in the universe. Birth, growth, decay, and death of the human body are natural processes and so are governed by the laws of nature. But man is also endowed with a self or ego which expresses itself as free will, and freedom of choice is inherent in the self. Since the self is a special gift given to mankind by God, it is not part of the material body of man. Although it uses the body as a vehicle for its expression, it is not bound by space and time and, therefore, not subject to any physical laws. Since the essence of self is freedom of choice, the Divine Will in the sphere of man performs this function as guidance and not control, and human beings are free to accept or reject His guidance. The Qur’an is very clear on this point:

"The Truth has come from Allah. Then whoever will, let him accept, and whoever will, let him reject." (18:29)

But this freedom of choice brings with it the responsibility of making that choice. No one can escape this responsibility and evade the results of his own actions. The Qur’an says:

"Verily, the grip of thy Rabb is severe." (85:12)

No one can bear the responsibility of someone else:

"Whoever accepts guidance, it is only for his own self, and whoever goes astray, does so to his own loss. No bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another." (17:15)

"Whoever commits wrong, commits it only against himself." (4:111)

"Every soul draws the consequences of its acts on none but itself. No bearer of burdens can bear the burdens of another." (6:164)

It is also important to note that the results of one’s actions cannot be wiped out or washed away. They are entered on the credit and debit side of the ledger kept by Him:

"And on every man We have fastened his record around his neck; and We will bring forth to him, on the day of judgement, a book which he will see wide open." (17:13)

We can easily see from this verse that sins cannot be washed away no matter how much one tries. The whole idea of washing sins away is contrary to the fundamental principle of the Qur’an—the law of requital and accountability. A negative deed (i.e., sin) can only be countered by a positive (i.e., righteous) deed.

"Verily, good deeds annul ill deeds." (11:114)

That is, sins can only be compensated by good deeds and not washed away by rituals. Remember the debit and credit sides of everyone’s ledger (as mentioned in the verse 17:13). So sins are entered on the debit side and can only be annulled by balancing them with good deeds on the credit side.

Excerpts taken from Dr.Mansoor Alam's explainaton on 'Insha'allah'.

more to be followed, soon...insha'Allah! ;)

In the Name of Allah, most Compassionate, most Merciful

Ramadan Fever!!!
Author: Unknown

The heat is on! Once a year a dramatic change occurs in the Muslim community. Once a year Icky baby and the Sams becomes Iqbal and Sameera. Off come the baggy jeans, the Nike 180's and the Raiders cap. On come the yellow Shalwar Kameez (clothes most Pakistanis wear), the brylcreamed hairstyle which glues on that terribly uncool Towpee(cap) and in comes the miswak in the top pocket, making you look like something like "Karachi cops".

It's during this HOLY month of Ramadan that we ditch the daytime raves and the frequent visit to the library (and we don't mean for the reference section) and begin to act it out. Icky baby becomes temporarily religious.

It's a sort of spooky feeling. The Mosques are full and you feel good. Good cos' you've done your bit for the year. One by one you scratch the days from your Ramadan timetable that your dad brought back from the Mosque-and then-thank crunchie it's Eid. Eid Mubarak!

The Mosques again becomes museums for the old and for those deprived "ACHA BACHA"- a good baby. The crease-free shalwar kameez comes off and comes the baggy jeans, whilst the libraries reopen for "business as usual". Just 11 more months of "freedom" to go before the smelly breath season come back with vengeance.

Year after year it goes on, almost as a ritual. You know it's rough. Yet Allah(swt) is Al-Rahman and Al-Raheem as we are told by our parents (who probably also have gone through this). And anyway
religion is for the old men in the mosques- with smelly breaths, and beards that sweep the floor everytime they walk from one end of the mosque to the other.

Religion is for those "fundies"(fundamentalists) at school/college, the "weirdoes" who only talk to the opposite sex about the benefits
of the Khilafah ruling system or the fallacies of Western ideology such as Capitalism and Marxist Philosophy.(i.e.try saying that in one breath!).

The game

So you go around playing this game. It's like an endless spiral. You think you're a rebel or tough-yet you're just one of the pack- a zombie, conforming to master-plan, when you turn 40s you grow your
beard and take your seat in front row of the mosque, invest in a miswak, pack your bags for Hajj, and then everything is gonna be safe!- well no! It doesn't quite work like that. The million dollar question is will you ever turn 40? Game Over.

Suppose you die. Just suppose you snuff it before you turn 40? What then? It could severely damage that master-plan of yours. Alright, the chances may look slim yet the stakes are high. Nobody knows when he or she is going to die. Just suppose you're locked up in a room and there's no way out. Just suppose there's a time bomb- ticket away in this room. Now if this bomb has "6 days" on it you would probably turn "fundy" and spend all six days reading namaz(salah).

Just suppose the bomb had a "?" on it? What then? That's exactly how life is!!! A ticking- bomb with a "?" on it, you never know when it's gonna blow-up. Whereever you are, death will find you. Even if
you are in tower built up strong and high!" (Translation of the meaning of the Qu'ran) 30 days or a lifetime? And anyway, even if you do go along with
this "dodgy" game, don't you think your Creator will know your intention? Many people have sussed out Islam as a blind faith or an emotional/spiritual/spooky belief which leaves you a contemplating rationally about the meanings of life. Where did you come from? Why are we here? Or the question that puts a dampner on all raves, "
what's going to happen to us when we die?"

Islam asks us to answer these vital questions and come to a conclusion, the correct one. Islam doesn't rely on the dodgy culture we are brought up with either from our parents or from the Molvi-Saab (imam). Islam is far from being a "religion" as it is often coined in the media.

Islam is a complete system of life- with solutions to all our problems be it for Muslims or non-Muslims. Check out Islam for yourself and free yourself from this shallow zombie-like culture. Before your credits run out!

Word out!

Remember there is no Life or Dignity without Islam.

"O' you who believe answer the call of Allah(swt) and His Messenger to that which gives you Life." (8:24)

And Allah (subhanna wa ta'ala) knows best.

It's not too mucha price (to have alook around..) for your soul's redemption!!!

The Al-Ambar Expedition

The Prophet (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam) despatched towards the sea-shore an expedition of three hundred men, under the command of Hadhrat Abu Ubaidah (Radhiyal-laho anho) in 8 A.H. He gave them a bag full of dates for their rations. They had been hardly out for fifteen days when they ran short of rations.

In order to provide the contingent with food, Hadhrat Qais (Radhiyallaho anho) began buying three camels daily from his own men, to feed the Mujahideen, with a promise to pay on return to Madinah. The Amir seeing that the slaughter of camels would deprive the party of their only means of transport, prohibited him to do so.

He collected the dates that had been left with each person and stored them in a bag. He would issue one date to each man as his daily ration. When Hadhrat Jabir (Radhiyallaho anho) later on narrated this story to the people, one of his audience inquired:

"How did you manage to live upon one date only for the whole day?"

He replied:

"We longed even for that one date, when the whole stock was exhausted. We were on the verge of starvation. We moistened the dry tree-leaves with water and ate them."

When they reached this stage, Allah had mercy on them, for He always brings ease after every hardship, provided it is endured patiently. A big fish known as "Ambar" was thrown out of the sea for them. The fish was so big that they lived on it for eighteen days altogether.

They also filled their satchels with the remaining portion, which lasted them right up to Madinah. When the episode was narrated to the Prophet (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam), he said:

"The fish was a provision arranged for you by Allah."

Difficulties and hardships are not uncommon in this world to the people of Allah; these are bound to come. The Prophet (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam) says:

"The worst trials in this world are reserved for the Prophets, then for those who are next to them, and then for those who are best of the rest."

The trial of a person is proportionate to his position near Allah, and He bestows solace and comfort by His Grace and Mercy after each trial. Look how much our ancestors in Islam have suffered in the path of Allah. They had to live on leaves of trees, starve and shed their blood in the service of the true faith, which we now fail to preserve.


This is to tell the entire world population that the attacks on New york sept 11 2001 are condemned by muslims as much as the war on afghanistan or the war on Iraq is.

Welcome to my weblog. Today, is your lucky day! ;)